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Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

BPH,INC is a spin off B&G Stables and B&G Devon Farm Incorporated in 1977 we have always been a family farm and tried to be good stewarts of the land. We raise Devonshire and Hereford Cattle both are imported from England in 1623-1750, primary to have the very best grass fed beef known to mankind. We never feed any thing to our cattle from start to finish – no preseratives, hormones, or additives

We have the Berkshire Pork known as Berkshire Gold. The pigs are pastured and fed ground corn the last 60 days to confirm meat of the highest quality.

We use a State Certified Processer as well as a USDA Procerrer for shipping accross state lines.

Curtis Davis lives in Dacula and Lynda Brady lives on the farm in Madison

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